Coveralls are Everywhere

Utility jackets, pants and jumpsuits are hitting the streets in 2019. A couple of years ago I bought vintage coveralls. I loved that I had only seen a few fashion girls wearing them. Which meant I was on the right track. To be honest, I buy what I like regardless of trend or what’s hot in the moment. Knowing yourself is really important when it comes to your fashion choices. And I always like a little edge to whatever I’m wearing.

I’ll be honest the first few months I had my new (to me) vintage find, they stayed in my closet waiting to come out. I struggle with the same fashion dilemma that afflicts so many women, self doubt. But let me tell you, that lasts for about a second and then I realize you only live once and if you think your outfit is cool, it is. So enough about me…. Oh wait there’s going to be more about me. I love my coveralls. I’ve worn them with everything from my Stan Smith sneakers and Gucci Slippers to classic pumps and heels.

Coveralls are a great piece to try to find in your favorite vintage or resale shops. But if you’re striking out, get a new pair. Because now there are so many cool options. Style your coveralls the same way you would style your jeans. What I mean is dress them up and down with everything from sneakers and combat boots to heels. And don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite accessories. Nothing is off limits. Remember there are no fashion rules, just wear what you like.


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